My Favorite Albums of 2018: Idol edition

I made three posts of my favorite albums of 2018 at the end of the year. I said I might do one more. This is that one more. I joined Alternative Idols Facebook group and found few interesting bands from there. Some of those bands released good albums year 2018. First I though I add music from them to this year’s list mentioning their 2018 album I liked. But then I found group which hasn’t released anything on 2019. So it made more sense to have this post.

In this context Idol means Japanese idol culture where someone creates group of teen girls to perform music and dance to it. Sometimes results are just what you expect. But because this is Japan and band doesn’t make the music results can be interesting. Group could be based on weird idea which somehow works. Like Necronomidol which performs Lovecraft themed songs.

Necronomidol: Voidhymn

I had Necronomidol in original list and I wrote how they were best thing at the moment. I thought I never see them live. But then they came to Oulu earlier this week where I saw them. They didn’t play this song there which was bit odd since it is their latest music video. They played songs from their latest ep Scions of the Blasted Heat. That ep could be on this year’s list if they release music videos from. Their Oulu show was amazing. Venue was packed which I didn’t expect and audience liked what they saw.

Broken by the Scream: An Alien’s Portrait

This is first of the new findings. Broken by the Scream is good example what Idol group can be when done correctly. It mixes death metal with pop music staying more on death metal side. It could be good I don’t understand the words. Death metal parts could only style but it works when I don’t know what they sing about and they go full to death metal. Those parts could be on normal death metal song. I like how they mix two styles of death metal vocals.

Maison Book Girl: yume

This is the one non-metal group of the list. For someone new to idol culture most idol groups tend to melt together. Music is so generic and music videos look similar. Maison Book Girl doesn’t have that problem. Everything they do sounds and looks like Maison Book Girl. I almost like to say they are Radiohead of idol groups. Both give similar vibes. Yume has weird sound experiments in between songs. I had originally different video for this but changed it one which is now here because it shows better experimental nature of Maison Book Girl.

YukueshirezuTsurezure: exFallen

I could say almost same of YukueshirezuTsurezure as I said Broke by the Scream. YukueshirezuTsurezure is more sophicated than Broken by the Scream and less death metal like. Their other songs are closer to Broken by the Scream than this. YukueshirezuTsurezure use screaming parts more creatively for the needs of the song. Like in this one where screams are limited to one part. exFallen is YukueshirezuTsurezure’s second album. First one is good too but in exFallen everything falls in correct place.

There will be more Japanese music in favorite albums of 2019 list. I wanted to put these here so I don’t have to figure out way to include these groups because they released really good albums 2018.

My Favorite Albums of 2018 part 3

Third part. These are not in any other order than in order I remember them. First two parts have 16 albums I remembered first. Here is eight more. Who said good music isn’t released anymore?

Mesarthim: The Density Parameter

Mesarthim would be one of those bands whose music I could buy without listening it first if I wasn’t subscribed to their record label and getting all label’s albums when they are released. Mesarthim is big reason why I am still subscriber. Other reason is hope that Dark Space releases new album.

Christina Vantzou: No. 4

Some might call this cheating. I just found Christina Vantzou and felt in love with her music. I have to add here 2018 album to the list.

Ursa: Abyss Between the Stars

That album cover says this is amazing or really terrible. Spoiler alert. It is amazing. I found this from best albums of 2018 list like this one. If I have understood correctly this is death metal or back metal band’s side project. Based on this album maybe they should consider which band is side project.

Legend of the Seagullmen: Legend of the Seagullmen

Legend of the Seagullmen is supergroup of members of big bands who want to do something less serious. It could be terrible idea. Not always. Not this time.

Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, God Body Disconnect: Miles to Midnight

Have I told you I like Cryo Chamber? If I had to pick their best album of 2018 it would either be this one or Atrium Carceri’s solo Codex which was in second part.

Crippled Black Phoenix: Great Escape

I wonder why I didn’t remember this earlier. Crippled Black Phoenix is one of my all time favorite bands but I couldn’t remember this was released few months ago. Maybe it is because all their albums are great albums. Or I pre-ordered album and got songs one by one. Like I said these are not in order of which one was the best one.

Alphaxone & Xerxes the Dark: Aftermath

Yes. Cryo Chamber. I like them. A lot. Could have added more of their albums here but I didn’t want this to list to be half Cryo Chamber list. One more to go.

Sulphur Aeon: The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos

I know this is cheating. Album will be released on Friday. But I know it will be one of my favorite albums of 2018. Their previous two albums are among my all time favorite death metal albums. Two songs they have released show they will continue to do what they did in their last two albums.

If there is fourth part it will not be during this year. There are still few albums from 2018 I need to check. If they turn out to be good I will write the forth part. If not these 24 albums have to do.

My Favorite Albums of 2018 part 2

These are not in order. You can find first part here.

Necronomidol: Voidhymn

Did you expect me not including this one? I wrote whole post telling Necronomidol is best thing at the moment. Only disappointment was album included so many previously released track. Including Strange Aeons which was originally released Strange Aeons EP. Which was also released this year.

Thom Yorke: Suspiria soundtrack

I haven’t seen the movie. As Radiohead fan I was curious to hear what Thom Yorke can do as soundtrack composer. I wasn’t disappointed.

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats: Wasteland

First part had few bands who don’t seem to be able to make bad music. Here is one more. Wasteland was Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats’ 2018 album. What can I say? They just keep on doing what they are good at.

Atrium Carceri: Codex

Time for more Cryo Chamber. Guy behind Atrium Carceri is the guy behind Cryo Chamber label. This year he released new album under name Atrium Carceri. I am not sure which album I bought first from Cryo Chamber. If it wasn’t ProtoU’s it could have been Atrium Carceri’s. Both were one of the first ones.

The Sword: Used Future

I found The Sword when they made doom metal. They have moved closer to ZZ Top since. I don’t have all their albums between their doom days and Used Future. Decided to give the album a change and it worked.

Clutch: Book of Bad Decisions

I am not saying Tuska Open Air Metal Festival was correct venue for Clutch but damn they were good that day. Since that day I have listened lot of Clutch. They will be my most listened band of 2018 even when I found them this summer. You can say I like the band.

The Prodigy: No Tourists

I am not biggest dance music fan but I like The Prodigy. It is like punk made with electronic instruments. New album has enough good tracks to get it to this list.

Ghost: Prequelle

I like Ghost’s first albums more than their current glam rock but Prequelle still has some really good songs like Rats. I had to wait for release date because I bought special edition with Ghost’s version of Pet Shop Boys’ It’s a Sin. Otherwise I could have pre-ordered the album and got this song weeks earlier.

There will be at least one more part. It will come in few days. Maybe that one album get released before I have gone through this list.

My favorite albums of 2018 part 1

These are not in order. I didn’t want to call this best albums of 2018 because I have missed some albums and haven’t got everything released this year I am planning to get. And there is one album which isn’t released yet but band has good track record and songs already released show that won’t be changing with new album. These are albums I want people to check from year 2018.

CMX: Alkuteos

Cmx is my all time favorite band. They try to do something different on each album. On their 16th album they started to use analog synths. It isn’t their best album but because their best album is my all time favorite album even not their best album is one of my favorite albums of the year.

In Vain: Currents

In Vain is another band which doesn’t seem to be able to do bad music. Currents is their 2018 album. All their other albums are worth checking too.

Rivers of Nihil: Where Owls Know My Name

Let’s add another band which can do what they want and make it works. Just listen the song. You can’t expect where it goes if you don’t know it or the band beforehand. I don’t have their other albums but will check them later.

ProtoU: The Edge of Architecture / Echoes of the Future

Time for something other than metal. This is first entry from my current favorite label Cryo Chamber. For last couple years I have bought everything they have released unless it is collaboration with one hour long songs. I don’t remember which was the first album I bought from them. There is good change it was from ProtoU. If her album wasn’t the first it was one of the first ones. She released two albums this year. Video is from the first one The Edge of Architecture.

The Alex Jones Prison Planet: Super Heavy Galactic Stuff

This might be cheating because it is only a EP but it is perfect length for this kind of insanity. My mind was blown when I heard this first time. Bands previous EPs are ok too but this one is best because more concentrated on one topic. Video has the whole EP. I don’t support Alex Jones and I assume band doesn’t either.

Poemme: Moments in Golden Light

I found Poemme because ProtoU mentioned her album in Facebook. Her music is ambient but not dark cinematic ambient like Cryo Chamber’s releases. After finding her earlier this year I have bought few of her albums. Sometimes you need lighter music among your mostly dark and heavy playlists.

Anaal Nathrakh: A New Kind of Horror

The to another opposite. I didn’t have high hopes for first video and when I learned it will be theme album about The First World War. But when I heard the album I liked it. It just wears you down. You either like it or don’t.

Halloween (2018) soundtrack

First soundtrack of this list. Original Halloween theme is one of the most memorable movie themes. John Carpenter got back to it in Halloween (2018) soundtrack. Sometimes soundtracks are good only in movie. Sometimes they works on album. This works on album. Can’t say anything about the movie because I haven’t seen the movie.

This is end of first part. I will post second part in few days.