My Favorite Albums of 2018 part 3

Third part. These are not in any other order than in order I remember them. First two parts have 16 albums I remembered first. Here is eight more. Who said good music isn’t released anymore?

Mesarthim: The Density Parameter

Mesarthim would be one of those bands whose music I could buy without listening it first if I wasn’t subscribed to their record label and getting all label’s albums when they are released. Mesarthim is big reason why I am still subscriber. Other reason is hope that Dark Space releases new album.

Christina Vantzou: No. 4

Some might call this cheating. I just found Christina Vantzou and felt in love with her music. I have to add here 2018 album to the list.

Ursa: Abyss Between the Stars

That album cover says this is amazing or really terrible. Spoiler alert. It is amazing. I found this from best albums of 2018 list like this one. If I have understood correctly this is death metal or back metal band’s side project. Based on this album maybe they should consider which band is side project.

Legend of the Seagullmen: Legend of the Seagullmen

Legend of the Seagullmen is supergroup of members of big bands who want to do something less serious. It could be terrible idea. Not always. Not this time.

Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, God Body Disconnect: Miles to Midnight

Have I told you I like Cryo Chamber? If I had to pick their best album of 2018 it would either be this one or Atrium Carceri’s solo Codex which was in second part.

Crippled Black Phoenix: Great Escape

I wonder why I didn’t remember this earlier. Crippled Black Phoenix is one of my all time favorite bands but I couldn’t remember this was released few months ago. Maybe it is because all their albums are great albums. Or I pre-ordered album and got songs one by one. Like I said these are not in order of which one was the best one.

Alphaxone & Xerxes the Dark: Aftermath

Yes. Cryo Chamber. I like them. A lot. Could have added more of their albums here but I didn’t want this to list to be half Cryo Chamber list. One more to go.

Sulphur Aeon: The Scythe of Cosmic Chaos

I know this is cheating. Album will be released on Friday. But I know it will be one of my favorite albums of 2018. Their previous two albums are among my all time favorite death metal albums. Two songs they have released show they will continue to do what they did in their last two albums.

If there is fourth part it will not be during this year. There are still few albums from 2018 I need to check. If they turn out to be good I will write the forth part. If not these 24 albums have to do.