My favorite albums of 2018 part 1

These are not in order. I didn’t want to call this best albums of 2018 because I have missed some albums and haven’t got everything released this year I am planning to get. And there is one album which isn’t released yet but band has good track record and songs already released show that won’t be changing with new album. These are albums I want people to check from year 2018.

CMX: Alkuteos

Cmx is my all time favorite band. They try to do something different on each album. On their 16th album they started to use analog synths. It isn’t their best album but because their best album is my all time favorite album even not their best album is one of my favorite albums of the year.

In Vain: Currents

In Vain is another band which doesn’t seem to be able to do bad music. Currents is their 2018 album. All their other albums are worth checking too.

Rivers of Nihil: Where Owls Know My Name

Let’s add another band which can do what they want and make it works. Just listen the song. You can’t expect where it goes if you don’t know it or the band beforehand. I don’t have their other albums but will check them later.

ProtoU: The Edge of Architecture / Echoes of the Future

Time for something other than metal. This is first entry from my current favorite label Cryo Chamber. For last couple years I have bought everything they have released unless it is collaboration with one hour long songs. I don’t remember which was the first album I bought from them. There is good change it was from ProtoU. If her album wasn’t the first it was one of the first ones. She released two albums this year. Video is from the first one The Edge of Architecture.

The Alex Jones Prison Planet: Super Heavy Galactic Stuff

This might be cheating because it is only a EP but it is perfect length for this kind of insanity. My mind was blown when I heard this first time. Bands previous EPs are ok too but this one is best because more concentrated on one topic. Video has the whole EP. I don’t support Alex Jones and I assume band doesn’t either.

Poemme: Moments in Golden Light

I found Poemme because ProtoU mentioned her album in Facebook. Her music is ambient but not dark cinematic ambient like Cryo Chamber’s releases. After finding her earlier this year I have bought few of her albums. Sometimes you need lighter music among your mostly dark and heavy playlists.

Anaal Nathrakh: A New Kind of Horror

The to another opposite. I didn’t have high hopes for first video and when I learned it will be theme album about The First World War. But when I heard the album I liked it. It just wears you down. You either like it or don’t.

Halloween (2018) soundtrack

First soundtrack of this list. Original Halloween theme is one of the most memorable movie themes. John Carpenter got back to it in Halloween (2018) soundtrack. Sometimes soundtracks are good only in movie. Sometimes they works on album. This works on album. Can’t say anything about the movie because I haven’t seen the movie.

This is end of first part. I will post second part in few days.