What I have been doing lately

It has been a while since I made content to internet. I kind of burned out with this. I decided to take little break when studying for AWS certificate. Then other thing demanded my attention and it was hard to get back on track. For videos I wanted to reinvent the channel but had not good idea what to do. Until this week. I knew I wanted to try 3d animation again. Blender 2.8 was released with Eevee renderer which is way faster than Cycles. Previous attempts ended when I realized how much time rendering takes.


I bought CGBoost’s Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course. Picture above is from my course project. It contains some course’s objects but I think it is ok because I am talking about the course. Course is for beginners. I am not beginner. I felt it would be good idea to start from beginning, get my work flow correct and learn all basic tricks. For that course has been excellent. I have learned better ways to do things I struggled earlier attempts on 3D animation. Course has shown how easy it is to make good looking low poly 3D animation.

I have not completed the course yet. So had I have been happy and wanting sequel course which goes more advanced techniques and topics. After I have completed this course I can get to new videos and reinventing the channel. I can’t promise when next video will be released or even if it is 3D animation.

One reason why it has been so hard to get back on track is I have changed tools I use making videos. I made videos how I wanted to change to DAW which works with MPE. That DAW is Cubase. Cubase was on sale earlier this year. I took change with it and upgraded to full version soon after when upgrades were on sale. So Blender is not the only software I need to learn to use. DaVinci Resolve also got new version with new functionality.

You don’t need to wait next post this long. I will start to list my favorite music earlier this year. There is less than three months this year to go. So I should have pretty good idea what will be my favorite music this year. I expect album to come to that list but albums of so far I already know.