NAMM 2018 announcements

I spent last nigh checking NAMM 2018 announcements. So this post is about them. I already preordered Minibrute 2S. These might go to shopping list as some point.

I listened every example at site. This sounds interesting but I have reservations of buying digital hardware synths. I might make exception with this because of size and Overbridge. This is already available. If I had not preordered MiniBrute 2S this would be really tempting.

This comes April. Semi modular desktop seems to be the thing now. It sounds good but so does many other synths. Still interesting but is it interesting enough for purchasing it?

These were only ones I could see buying in near future. Addition to Minibrute 2s of course. I had to go to bed before anything else really interesting was announced. I will get back to this topic if there were anything else I have something to say about.