Taiteiden Yö 2018

This was first time in year I didn't go to Taiteiden Yö with intention to shoot videos. Few years ago there were many events out doors to shoot. Last years there have been more events but almost everything has been indoors. I made this choice after trying to figure out what to shoot and finding only one which would work as video. Next year I probably just go there to enjoy the events and forget video and stills. This is what I got this year.


Best camera is one you have with you


Last night my best camera was one on older iPhone. I don't shoot stills anymore for any other reason than getting content to Instagram. Camera on iPhone has been enough for it most of the times. Last night I wanted to have proper camera with me. Weather was perfect for shooting. It wasn't raining but ground was wet enough to reflect lights. I could have even shot some video for future videos. But all I had with me was older iPhone. It wasn't because I don't own better camera I could easily take with me. That camera was at home.


I rarely shoot anything I haven't planned. I didn't plan to shoot anything last night. I didn't even plan to be where I shot these photos. I just felt like walking back home and saw potential good shots. That is why I didn't have camera with me. Maybe I should have it in future. I could take photos for this blog. Maybe I should get back to street photography. Will that be too much now when I do weekly videos with new music on each video and blog posts almost every day?

There will be more from where last two photos came from tomorrow. If you know the place second last photo might look bit strange.